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Month: March 2016

Talent Search

The planning profession is facing a huge recruiting challenge. Here are some of the best practices for winning your share of the talent.

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March 16-31, 2016

In this issue of Investment Advisor, Mark Tibergien warns about turning your marketing activities over to your custodian or an outside rainmaker, and effectively buying your new clients. Plus, he thinks many firms are overpaying for the new clients that these outside sources are brining them. Angie Herbers offers an interesting take on leadership styles, and what you might be best suited for as you grow your firm. The underlying message is that advisors canÕt do everything that a growing firm needs done, so they have to identify their strengths and create a role that fits them. I think you should also pay attention to Jon HenschenÕs column, where he boldly decries what he must be seeing in the broker-dealer community: a creeping complacency where the owners and managers stop working quite so hard for their affiliated advisors. As one of the leading recruiters tasked with helping advisors find the right fit, Henschen may have a better view of this trend than most.

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