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Category: Parting Thoughts

The Great Boom Behind

I’ve heard from a number of advisors who are asking themselves a simple question: are we living in a market bubble?  What they’re really asking is: Am I the only person who sees this?  Are things really as crazy as they seem to me? And the followup question, sometimes stated, sometimes not, is: My conservative portfolio has been underperforming the market for years.  Am I hurting my clients by not going all-in on the market boom? And, of course, sometimes crypto questions creep into this internal dialogue.  Any one of us could have bought bitcoins for pennies ten years ago. …

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Bob Veres E-Column: The Checklist for Succession

At the request of a subscriber, I asked readers of Inside Information to help me compile a checklist of the basic information that would need to be passed on to a successor of your business.  Below is a checklist compiled from more than 100 messages that I received, many of them offering a piece of the overall puzzle. But before we get to that, you have to ask yourself: is it worth my time and trouble to fill out this long checklist for my successors? To answer that question, let me turn to Cindy Gleason, of Gleason Financial Group in…

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