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Quick (and important) question

I get a lot of messages over the course of a week, asking for various kinds of advice. I’m rarely stumped, but this time I was.

The advisor asked me a very simple question that I’m sure many of you are facing:

“I am currently in the process of setting up a continuity agreement with another advisor. In the course of doing so it has become apparent that I need to have a lot of details organized in advance for my staff and spouse to use in my absence. So I am wondering if someone has done this before and come up with a checklist of things that you need to have in order for others to use in the event of my sudden departure from the scene.”

I don’t know of any such checklist. Do you? If I haven’t heard about this resource, then that tells me that we need to develop one.

If you have suggestions for what to put on the list, please send me a message at and I’ll compile the answers into something coherent and send it out.